Symantec has thrown everything it has at Windows Vista. Backdoors, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Mass mailers, Trojan horses, Spyware and adware and also uncategorized binaries were all executed on Windows Vista. Symantec stated that it has used its own virus repository as well as those of security partners as sources for the binaries.

“The results showed that 3 percent of backdoors can successfully execute and survive a system restart on Windows Vista without modification. Other categories include keyloggers, of which 4 percent can successfully execute and survive a system restart, mass mailers (4 percent), Trojans (2 percent), spyware (2 percent), and adware (2 percent). Symantec believes that these percentages would increase dramatically with only minor code changes to make these threats Windows Vista–aware, in turn allowing them to run successfully within the new Windows Vista security model,” Symantec revealed.

Test Results

My Take

Well corporates like Symantec rely on the running of malicious things for their bread and butter and it really fouls up the needs for their product if the OS is strong and resilient enough to tackle majority of malicious thingies.

However as the OS gets more torn apart there will be more vulnerabilities coming up which might get exploited. However its a jewel in the crown of Microsoft that their effort of making a secure OS has paid off. Microsoft released Vista after a long wait and it seems that they have done a good job !