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Yesterday was one of those days, when a guy thinks “It couldn’t get more stupid than this”. It happened with me while I was trying to remove some features from my SQL Server 2008 R2 installation. I ran the SQL Server setup around a million times and I just could not find an option from where I could select the features I wished to remove, like the “Add/remove features” options we get in the old version of SQL Server or the Visual Studio installation.

After almost scratching my head for 3-4 hours, I decided to re-install it completely with the desired features only and just when I clicked on “Remove”, to my shock..I got the option “Select the features to remove”. I almost wanted to break my screen but its quite expensive so I refrained myself ;).

Long story short…MS surely has created some great products recently but the stupid changes like this certainly waste a lot of time of a lot of people!