This post comes from a field I dont work on regularly but it is a part of my explorations. Its about a CMS system that I use “Alfresco”  which was installed on Ubuntu and the problem I was facing was with integration between Alfresco and Open Ldap. After I had performed steps for integrating the Ldap and Alfreso’s authentication system, alfresco system was not getting started properly. So when I checked for any exceptions (using Catalina, of course), I was getting the error

“WQS unable to connect to repository: Unauthorized”

To solve this problem you will have to go to the following director (this would depend on your installation):


and in here, go to the line that says “alfresco.server.password=” and make sure that the password mentioned is same as the password of the Ldap’s Admin user, as shown below:

# Admin level user and password to connect to login to Alfresco server.
alfresco.server.password=admin’s password

Then reboot your alfresco and you will be able to login directly using the users of open ldap.