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Gaurav Sharma | One Life Photos 2011.

Hong kong, here I come!

Alrit guys, I’ll be spending the coming week in HK, a long due vacation I say. Birthday celebrations @ Macao, yo baby its gonna be gambling, drinks & girls šŸ˜‰ all night and sky diving in the day!! One heck of an adventure is in the making! Will keep sharing my experiences with you guys.

Blog Public url

TheĀ blog is now publicly availableĀ at I am also looking to make my blog available through other domains, if u have any suggestions let me know!

I am back!

[Terminator Music]….


OK, that’s it. So much for the return of the awakened blogger. Apparently, my blog is not one of the active blogs or I may say it not in the league of blogging too. But I have made a decision and the decision is that I’ll begin to consistently post in my blog about the various events that I come across, tech information and life experiences. Stay tuned!