So, it was brought into my attention from a colleague of mine that Apple is building a server-like hardware which I was complete oblivious about. But apparently they have been doing it for pretty long time now. The product I am talking about is the upcoming Apple Mac Pro. This beautiful thing is best described in this caption:

Apple Mac Pro


Now, I am not really a big apple fan as my friends know it but when it comes to innovative technology…there’s no barrier for brands in my mind. Considering what I saw on the website…I have only two things to say:

1. This piece of hardware is a kind of a masterpiece. I mean can you imagine having one machine which is brilliantly designed with latest state of the art techonologies in a amazing innovative yet simple design? I am so excited here that I am already contemplating what I can do with this amazing hardware? Use it as a single shared computing hardware among a complete development team that includes designers, developers and testers, etc and it not only hosts the development sandbox but also the staging and product enviroments thanks to virtualization and what not at the same time?

2. Apple is always know to have that UX oomph factor in their UIs…but the website design for this particular page is totally out of the box! I kind of spent 2 hours just admiring it! What would be the best way to design a page like that? Any ideas?

I am definitely adding this amazing machine in my wishlist and if apple prices it nicely, I might actually end up buying it! Or maybe not because to buy a machine like that and not respect it by heavily using it would be an insult to the bright minds who created it! Kudos guys.