XAML Spy (previously known as Silverlight Spy) is quite famous with Silverlight development groups to investigate into existing XAML based applications. It provides quite an insight to the developer if not the exact solution for a given scenario. I have used the older version ‘Silverlight Spy’ multiple times in the past to get the details of how the Pivot Viewer control works, etc. But with XAML Spy released, I felt a need to have a hands on experience to see the changes. So, I downloaded the tool, added my application (built in Silverlight 5) but the XAML Spy didn’t detect the application…I tried checking the app for errors but nothing, the app was running perfectly in Visual Studio. So, I thought about using the older version of Silverlight Spy and to my amazement, the app was detected and I was able to explore the XAML as well! Now, whats going wrong?

I was about to send a mail to the support but I thought to doing what us developers are not used to or just don’t want to do…Read the Tutorials :), I stumbled around the page Manually connect a Silverlight app (having no idea what it means), but followed it and Eureka…XAML Spy now detected my application.

Although its working, my question to the First Floor Software team is why such a requirement? Why does the customer require to modify their codes? What to do when the app is not really yours and you cant modify it?