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After playing with Pivot Viewer for long time, I decided to take one more step of going towards a decentralized approach i.e. storing data in different servers. So, I created 3 servers, one for images another for data (about facets) and one server for Pivot Viewer JIT Collection generation. Everything was well set and all communication working fine and suddenly I couldn’t see images any more in the Pivot Viewer. I checked all the images that my images were accessible from my machine, the data was going to the JIT server properly and also checked all the possible options where an exception could be raised and I didnt find anything…and still no images!

Then I compared the CXML files from the version before and this new setup and I found out that there was no information about the images and I was really pissed…as to what in the world went wrong? Then it struck into my mind to try an access the images on the server where the CXML is being generated and BINGO! The error was even though the images existed and were accessible from the my machine…they were not accessible on the JIT server and as soon as I enabled the access of the images on this server, the images started to show up on the pivot viewer as well.

Come to think about it, its pretty logical and I should have known that this would happen but I didn’t realize until I faced the issue. And sharing this, might help some other poor soul like mine was for the last 2 days.


This post comes from a field I dont work on regularly but it is a part of my explorations. Its about a CMS system that I use “Alfresco”  which was installed on Ubuntu and the problem I was facing was with integration between Alfresco and Open Ldap. After I had performed steps for integrating the Ldap and Alfreso’s authentication system, alfresco system was not getting started properly. So when I checked for any exceptions (using Catalina, of course), I was getting the error

“WQS unable to connect to repository: Unauthorized”

To solve this problem you will have to go to the following director (this would depend on your installation):


and in here, go to the line that says “alfresco.server.password=” and make sure that the password mentioned is same as the password of the Ldap’s Admin user, as shown below:

# Admin level user and password to connect to login to Alfresco server.
alfresco.server.password=admin’s password

Then reboot your alfresco and you will be able to login directly using the users of open ldap.