I am back after a long long time!!
Had an accident…ma bike slipped(kinda too usual, rite!! lol)….but now i m better and recovering fast!!
Now, let me start off with an old….yet important topic…..the IMAGINE CUP 2007.
I participated in it and I was able to reach the NATIONAL FINALS under the Software Development Invitational Category….my solution was named e-Kaksha, it was basically a remote school system…which had features like collaborative workspaces, customised live maps, etc.
I was also able to reach the 2nd round in the IT Quiz.

After an intense week of competition, the winners of the 2007 Imagine Cup were announced..

The winners are Thailand’s 3KC Returns/Project LiveBook team.  The team members are:
 Prachaya Phaisanwiphatpong, Vasan Chienmaneetaweesin, Jatupon Sukkasem, and Pathompol Saeng-Uraiporn.

This year the imagine cup was in South Korea – Seoul from Aug 5-10. Once again, young programmers and artists were invited from around the world to rise to the Imagine Cup challenge. The theme for this year’s Imagine Cup was “Enable a world where technology enables better education for all”. I personally think it was a very well thought-out and appropriate theme, as it gave the students a chance to reflect on the current situation of education model and system in their own countries and geographies.  Also, it gave a unique opportunity to create solutions with the help of technology, to solve these issues which will have a huge impact.

Here are some bits about this year’s 2007 Imagine Cup:

  • More than 100,000 students from 100 countries entered the competition with 112 teams in total
  • 344 finalist from all over the world went to the worldwide finals in Seoul
  • VP of the Developer Division, S. Somasegar and Joe Wilson, MS director of Academic Initiatives, served as Microsoft hosts for the event 

Check out these videos of the Imagine Cup at channel 9.

Next year, France will proudly host Imagine Cup 2008 in Paris. The theme will be “Imagine a world where technology enables a sustainable environment.”

If you have what it takes.. check out the Imagine Cup website – http://www.imaginecup.com/.